Global Sales & Trading Analyst Program

Our Business

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Sales & Trading professionals deliver innovative solutions and exceptional execution to help clients meet their complex financial objectives. We make markets in virtually all major asset classes, covering both the Debt and Equity product spectrums. We are active in both the Cash and Derivative markets. We have a global presence, with offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch uses an integrated approach to ensure our solutions meet client needs. Our functional areas of expertise - Sales, Trading, Research and Capital Markets - work together, creating a unique, team-oriented culture that fuels collaborative thinking.  Our approach has made us a premier provider to our clients, which include institutions, corporations and consumer entities. Our institutional focus includes hedge funds, money managers, mutual funds, insurance companies and banks.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch covers a wide array of industry sectors in both the Debt and Equity markets. Our Debt Profile includes Interest Rate Products, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Investment Grade, High Yield, Distressed, Mortgage and Asset Backed Products, as well as Structured Securities.  Our Equity Profile includes Equity Cash, Equity Derivatives, Financing and Electronic Trading Services.



As a Sales analyst you will focus on a specific product area.  You will be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with our clients by matching our services to their needs.  You will interact with portfolio managers, research analysts and traders relaying investment research, relevant market information and marketing ideas; and/or executing transactions as an agent for our clients. 


There are two primary responsibilities of a trading analyst: learning and adding value in a support role.  You need to constantly increase your familiarity with the markets. That means reading financial publications, shadowing traders, executing on trading systems, talking to sales and customers, generating and monitoring your own trade ideas, and more.  Adding value will take time, but within a year you should be able to contribute to trade discussions, system decisions, and execution efficiency.  As you succeed at both of these tasks, you will begin to take on greater responsibility and eventually help senior traders, put on proprietary trades, and communicate with clients.


  • Provide stellar service to our client base
  • Demonstrate understanding of our comprehensive suite of products and services
  • Track current market, industry and company activity
  • Develop quality trade ideas for presentation to the broader Global Markets team and our clients
  • Coordinate with professionals throughout the organization, including senior management, group heads, senior economists, product specialists, investment bankers and fellow associates



  • Completion of Bachelor's degree in December 2013 - June 2014 with demonstrated academic achievement
  • 3.5 minimum GPA.
  • Mathematics, engineering, statistics, or programming background a plus 

Skills and Abilities

  • Extensive Excel and modeling skills
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative skills
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills and willingness to ask tough questions
  • Good judgment and business sense
  • Solid leadership, team, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Can multitask and prioritize in a demanding environment
  • Able to generate complex solutions across multiple product platforms

Personal Traits

  • Strong interest in global financial markets
  • Highly motivated with a drive to succeed
  • Keen interest in complex structures
  • Adapts easily to constantly changing environment
  • A track record of superior performance in extracurricular and professional activities
  • Assertiveness, initiative, leadership, strong work ethic, team focus
  • Ability to learn quickly and take on new responsibilities


As a Sales & Trading Analyst you will begin your career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch with an intensive training program. Initially, you will train with your peers from other lines of business. You will then participate in a program designed specifically for Global Markets Analysts. The program is an interactive, experientially based mix of  group projects, e-learning, lectures, case studies, business representative presentations and teambuilding activities which will provide you with a solid grounding in global markets and economics and how Bank of America's businesses, products and services operate in this global context. Throughout the program you will have ample opportunity to meet and work with your peers and other colleagues across all levels of the Bank. The network you build during this time will be a tremendous resource to you throughout your career.

Following the formal training program, you will be onboarded to the Global Banking and Markets Analyst & Associate Academy (GBAM AAA), which will take you on a journey through our global curriculum.


Opportunities available in New York, Boston, Chicago, Houston, and San Francisco (based on candidate preferences and business needs).


We are no longer accepting applications for this position