Compliance Analyst Programme

  • Rotational programme
  • Minimum of a 2:1 degree classification (or equivalent) in any degree discipline
  • Fluency in English

Our Business

Compliance is at the core of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch cultural values and a key component of our risk management discipline. Our culture of accountability and compliance requires that all associates comply with all relevant laws, regulations, ethical standards, and internal policies and procedures. The Compliance department drives this culture through the organisation by monitoring the bank's business activities, reviewing and approving complex transactions, advising on regulatory interpretation, providing training, assessing regulatory developments and implementing policies.


As an analyst within Compliance, you will:

  • Join a 2 year rotational programme
  • Develop an understanding of the compliance risk framework and the management of compliance risk at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Develop foundational Compliance risk knowledge and skills through training, development and on the job responsibility
  • As part of the rotational placements you will join teams working on various tasks, reports and/or analysis necessary to the management of compliance risk. Previous rotations within the Compliance Analyst Program have incorporated placements in Investment Banking, Global Banking and Markets, Research, Enterprise and Control, and Compliance Surveillance functions, with graduates benefitting from experiences gained within this spectrum of line of business compliance functions
  • Deliver results in an ever changing and dynamic environment


  • As an analyst you will be enrolled on exam-based courses covering the regulatory environment, and both securities and derivative markets
  • The programme incorporates training sessions to help develop the business, financial and analytical skills needed to hit the ground running
  • Responsibility in an assigned role, working with and learning from teams of professionals, including senior experts as well as colleagues from around the globe
  • Opportunity to collaborate on exciting projects that contribute to business success and next-generation advances, while developing a network of contacts and resources


  • Applications are accepted from a diverse range of degree disciplines, particularly those with an emphasis on finance and law
  • Minimum of a 2:1 degree classification (or equivalent)
  • Team-work, leadership and problem solving skills are key qualities along with the proven ability to work in a fast-paced environment with a variety of people
  • Strong academic qualifications are important, but you will also be required to demonstrate drive, innovation and dedication to a career in Compliance



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