Haley Beaupre

Vice President, Global Markets
Haley Beaupre

What is a typical day look like for you?

On a typical day, I’ll first log in to my computer and Bloomberg terminal, pull different reports for the day and check any news that’s happened overnight. Our group manages and hedges the bank’s large corporate loan positions, following different companies to look at the probability they might default and listening to what the market says about that.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

Being in a markets role, we get to see the decisions that we make happen in real time, whether it’s good or bad, what our risk is and how we’re impacting the bank. You’re looking at the earnings that come out and able to see where our group is responsible for contributing to different positions - it’s really interesting.

Do you work in a global team?

I’ve had the opportunity to work with people across the world. We actually have part of our group recently move over to London to start a London team. We also have different partners in other lines of businesses across the bank that I’ve had a chance to work with. It’s always fun remembering what time zone people are in and making sure you don’t schedule meetings too early or too late!

Being in a markets role, we get to see the decisions that we make happen in real time.

How would you describe the culture at Bank of America Merrill Lynch?

I think the culture and environment here at Bank of America Merrill Lynch is one of the things that first attracted me to the company and the reason I decided to join. Since I’ve started at the bank, I’ve made great connections throughout different lines of businesses. I think one of the best parts of the culture is that, people are always trying to help each other out and they seek to maintain those relationships as you continue your career at the bank.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself here at Bank of America Merrill Lynch advancing in my career thru the different opportunities and different responsibilities I’ve been able to take on. I think it’s a great place to continue to learn, I’ve already seen myself accumulate new skills and knowledge and hope to continue that down the road.

What do you enjoy doing in your personal time?

I enjoy hiking and recently I picked up white water kayaking (which I’m still working on!) but that is a lot of fun. Otherwise I like running, biking and meeting up with friends.

What would you tell people about working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch?

If I had to tell someone one thing to know about working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, if you’re thinking about coming here, it really does have a great number of opportunities to offer.


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Which of these teams most appeals to you?

Banking, markets & finance

Banking, markets and finance roles across the bank work directly with our customers across the U.S. and companies and institutional clients globally.

Business support functions

Teams across our business support functions are essential specialist teams that work to ensure the strategic, efficient and successful running of the bank's day-to-day business.

Technology & operations

Global technology & operations teams help to provide the infrastructure, technology platforms and information security capabilities crucial to our ability to serve our customers and clients.

Where are you in your education?

Bachelor'sMaster'sMBAPhD Other