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Since our beginning, it’s taken perspectives of all kinds to keep our community strong. We know that creating an open and diverse culture is the way to attract the best people from all over the world and achieve a meaningful future. 

We’re committed to building a workplace where every employee is not only welcomed, but given the support and resources to build and advance their careers. Through leadership programs and employee networks our employees develop valuable skills and build strong ties with the communities we serve. Explore some of the ways we’re committed to diversity every day.

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Supporting women + -

Supporting women

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Women in Technology at Bank of America talk about why it’s a great place to work


Banking is innovative



Senior Quantitative Analyst

Bank of America

Folks wouldn’t think about a bank as being a place to work if you’re interested in technology and programming and things like that…but it really is.


Technology Business Operations Executive

Bank of America

You get an opportunity to be innovative every day, and it’s really about finding new ways of doing things and trying new things.


Chief Technology Officer for Workspace Services

Bank of America

Bank of America is always pushing to be innovative, but we never do it at the expense of ethics.


The thing that’s exciting about working for Bank of America is that we’re equally committed to innovation and implementing new technologies, but we’re also committed to our customers’ privacy and security.

Banking is diverse



Information Security Engineer

Bank of America

Diversity is ingrained in the culture at the Bank.  It’s part of the way teams operate, and it’s not in the background; it’s completely at the forefront.


Accessibility Technology UX Design Lead

Bank of America

Representation matters. Because you can’t be what you can’t see, when there is no blueprint.



Technology Application Manager

Bank of America


You know, the fact that we have a gender-neutral restroom and I don’t even have to consider that anymore, that’s all great.

Ijeoma O.

Senior Technology Delivery Program Manager

Bank of America


I’m able to engage my male counterparts in dialogue without them seeing me as a woman first…they just see me.



Senior Data Analyst

Bank of America


Whether you’re identifying through ethnicity, through sexual orientation, through the city that you live in, just general interests outside of work… we’re one big happy family, and there’s a lot of us.

Bank of America is a great place to work



Senior Data Architect

Bank of America

For the past twenty years, the Bank has helped me excel, refine and just improve my personal and professional growth.



Robotics and Process Automation Executive

Bank of America


The Bank is extremely supportive of encouraging people to be mobile, and to take advantage of the many different parts of the organization that we have.



Technology Solutions Leader

Bank of America

Through one of Bank of America’s mentoring programs, I’ve had the opportunity to really provide children with a vision, and being able to let them see other opportunities that they could achieve.



Data Security Specialist

Bank of America


They just wanna see real women, in the field, doing what they do.


I would like the power to change the perception of what a technologist looks like.

Bank of America was named a Top Company for Women Technologists
(Anita B.Org, 2018, 2019)






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A bank of the people + -

A bank of the people

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At Bank of America, we’re committed to building a more inclusive world for everyone.


Because we believe examining different perspectives fosters understanding around important issues, and creates a more connected society for us all.


Go to bankofamerica.com/betterconnected to learn more.

Being an ally + -

Being an ally

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Upbeat electronic music plays


A sign in a window with the words “Proud to participate in Pride in London 2017” next to the Bank of America logo in rainbow colors is shown.


Zoom in on a screen display that says “Proud to participate in Pride in London 2017” next to the Bank of America logo in rainbow colors.


Photo of a window advertising Bank of America Merrill Lynch with a rainbow flag and the words “Proud to participate in Pride in London 2017”


Video clips of Bank of America employees wearing t-shirts with the rainbow Bank of America logo on them. Various employees shake hands, take selfies, paint rainbow stripes on each other’s faces, take a group photo.


Video clips of London Pride featuring bank employees participating in the parade, holding signs, posing for pictures, hugging, clapping, dancing, waving rainbow flags, and playing the drums as they proceed down the street. One participant pushes a baby in a stroller decorated in rainbow colors.


Many of the participants carry a banner with the rainbow Bank of America logo with the words “Life’s better when we’re connected”


Video closes with the rainbow Bank of America logo.

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Text On Screen: LGBT Pride, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride, Join Us, Ally 


Text On Screen: It’s not what you can see … it’s what you can’t


Mark Stephanz, Global Banking & Markets: I’ve lived most of my adult life hiding who I was, in every aspect of my life, personally and professionally.


Jenny Yum, Legacy Asset Servicing: It was miserable just to hide a part of yourself every day for 8-10 hours a day.


Sam Sibilla, Global Technology & Operations: I can’t separate my personal life from my working life. I can’t concentrate on changing pronouns and the stories when I talk with my colleagues.


Richard Thomas, Global Banking & Markets: Why should gay people always be the ones who are standing up for gay issues? I think it’s very important that everybody sees equality as something that matters to the firm and to them.


Text On Screen: We are better when we can be ourselvesRichard Linebaugh, Global Banking & Markets: Being out at work means really everything to me.


Nicholas Lowmass, Global Banking & Markets: And it’s just a nice relief to know that you don’t actually have to explain yourself.


Jenny Yum: Being able to bring my whole self to work has changed my quality of life both professionally and personally.


Mark Stephanz: The amount of time and energy that I spent hiding is really incredible when I look back on it.


Text On Screen: We are better when we are connected


Amy Broadhurst, Global Marketing & Corporate Affairs: We talk about making interactions more human, but we can’t do that unless everyone at Bank of America, including our LGBT teammates are able to bring their whole selves to work.


Faye Berry, Office of CAO: To be an Ally, I don’t think it necessarily means you have to be, join in every Pride march or you just have to be a supporter and know that for LGBT people to know that there is somebody that they can talk to.


Alberto Garafolo, Retail, Preferred & Small Business: Being an Ally is about being passionate about inclusion. It’s about being passionate about creating an environment where we free ourselves from discrimination. 


Crystal Howard-Doliber, Global Human Resources: Everyone has a story it seems. And in being open and coming out at work, they are willing to share that, and again, back to the connections piece, you are then connected to that person forever.


Text On Screen: We are better when we realize the power of our people


Daniel Docherty, Office of CAO: To me I am very passionate about it. I think it can have a major impact on Bank of America, Merrill Lynch as a whole.


Alex Wilmot-Sitwell, Global Banking & Markets: Because it is absolutely critical that as a firm we have a genuinely diverse workforce representative of all aspects and areas of the community.


Lanaya Irvin, Global Banking & Markets: And you want the smartest, the most talented, the most engaged to be here.


Tammy MangumGlobal Human Resources: By becoming more inclusive with your own teammates, it can help you become more inclusive in the community with our customers.


Mike Hall, Global Banking & Markets: What I would say to anyone who is thinking about becoming an Ally is give it a chance. You will learn much more about the people around you than you thought you could.


Text On Screen: An ally is a teammate, manager, colleague, leader. An ally is YOU.


Paige Dula, Global Technology & Operations: Knowing that we have Allies and having those Allies visible gives us that extra bit of impetus to step out and be ourselves and to be able to be out at work.


Richard Linebaugh: And if I couldn’t be out at work, I wouldn’t be here today. John Homan, Global Wealth & Investment Management: It means a lot to me to work for a company like that.


Series of Speakers:


I’m Tamira, and I’m out at work. 


I’m Angelina. And I am an Ally. 


I’m an Ally. Just join us.


I’m Christina. And I’m out at work.


I’m out at work.


Hi. I’m Amy. And I am an Ally.


I’m Shawn. I’m an Ally, and I’m out at work.


I’m an Ally. Become one too.


I’m Paige and I am out at work.


I’m an Ally.


I’m out.


I’m Gina, and I’m an Ally.


Hi. I’m Tammy and I’m an Ally.


I’m Cathy Bessant. I’m an Ally.


And I want to see the Ally in you.



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