Amy Rodda

Assistant Vice President, Global Operations

What persuaded you to work for Bank of America?

I initially applied to work for Bank of America because I wanted to work for a global company with a strong impact in local communities where I could contribute to meaningful work from day one. However, what persuaded me to work for Bank of America was the people. Throughout the interview process I met great people who truly showed what a diverse and inclusive culture Bank of America has and what a great organization it is to work for.


What does a typical day look like for you?

I am in a project-based role so every day is very different. Day-to-day you will likely find me meeting with stakeholders, participating in a variety of different governance routines, tracking deliverables and preparing stakeholder updates, escalating potential risks, or undertaking analysis and process-mapping.

You might also find me participating in the more social and philanthropic aspects of the bank, whether it be participating in a volunteering day, undergoing training, participating in social events or attending one of the bank’s many diversity and inclusion events.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

There are so many things that I enjoy about my job, but the key are the variety of work I am able to be involved with, the level of ownership I have, and the opportunity to work with so many different stakeholders across different levels, lines of business and locations.

With Bank of America’s focus on internal mobility I know I will be supported whichever direction my career takes.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

The most rewarding part of my role is seeing projects and solutions I’ve implemented make a tangible difference to my colleagues’ everyday roles or their ability to manage the risks involved in what they do.


Where do you see yourself in the future?

At the moment there are a couple of different career trajectories that I am considering for my future. My managers have been extremely supportive in providing opportunities to explore these pathways, and with Bank of America’s focus on internal mobility I know I will be supported whichever direction my career takes.

What is your biggest accomplishment or achievement at Bank of America?

Bank of America actively supports local communities around the world, and since joining the bank I have had the opportunity to work with one of our global partners, Habitat for Humanity, to support their local initiatives and organize volunteering days for employees in Australia. Growing this partnership locally to facilitate more volunteer days with maximum participation has been my most rewarding achievement since joining Bank of America.


What advice would you give to students?

Make the most of the opportunities available to you outside of your studies, whether it be work, internships or extra-curricular opportunities. This will not only give you valuable experience to assist in getting a role when you graduate, but it will also build the behaviors that will help you to succeed once you do enter the workplace.


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Which of these teams most appeals to you?

Banking, markets & finance

Banking, markets and finance roles across the bank work directly with our customers across the U.S. and companies and institutional clients globally.                

Corporate functions

Teams across our corporate functions are essential specialist teams that work to ensure the strategic, efficient and successful running of the bank's day-to-day business.         

Technology & operations

Global technology & operations teams help to provide the infrastructure, technology platforms and information security capabilities crucial to our ability to serve our customers and clients.

Where are you in your education?

Bachelor'sMaster'sMBAPhD Other