Katie Shaw


What does a typical day look like for you?

I typically spend around half of my day attending meetings related to various team initiatives and projects I’m working on. I highly value the time I spend collaborating with and learning from teammates, both within my organization and across other lines of business. The rest of the day varies depending on what I’m working on, but can include performing analysis on product sales data, working on associate readiness communications, creating presentations, working on community engagement events with Charlotte LEAD for Women, and even volunteering.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

What I enjoy the most about my job is seeing how my work influences the ways customers experience and interact with the bank. Positively impacting customer’s financial lives and being able to measure those impacts connects back to our company’s purpose and makes my work feel worthwhile.

How do you describe the culture at the bank?

The culture at the bank is extremely open and inclusive. Everyone is willing to share their experience and guidance – I’ve never had anyone deny a request to meet with me. I’ve found that ideas and opinions are valued at all levels of the bank, and that my input is always encouraged and heard. 

I’ve found that ideas and opinions are valued at all levels of the bank, and that my input is always encouraged and heard.

What is your biggest accomplishment or achievement at Bank of America?

My biggest achievement thus far at Bank of America has been getting involved with and taking on a leadership role in the Charlotte LEAD for Women Employee Network. My position on the community involvement committee has allowed me to manage additional responsibilities while engaging with partners, internally and externally, that I would not normally have a chance to interact with. I’ve gained valuable leadership experience, grown my network, and furthered my understanding of how our company’s work connects to the communities we serve.

What advice would you give to students?

Any internship or full time role will be what you make of it – be inquisitive, ask for feedback, and add value wherever you can. The people around you will notice. 

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Which of these teams most appeals to you?

Banking, markets & finance

Banking, markets and finance roles across the bank work directly with our customers across the U.S. and companies and institutional clients globally.                

Corporate functions

Teams across our corporate functions are essential specialist teams that work to ensure the strategic, efficient and successful running of the bank's day-to-day business.         

Technology & operations

Global technology & operations teams help to provide the infrastructure, technology platforms and information security capabilities crucial to our ability to serve our customers and clients.

Where are you in your education?

Bachelor'sMaster'sMBAPhD Other