Wenjing Ji

Director, Global Capital Markets
Wenjing Ji

Why did you choose to start your career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch?

I chose Bank of America Merrill Lynch because I did a summer internship in my last year of study in the university. I found I really liked the job, liked the team, like the cultures, so I decided to join the bank.

How would you describe yourself?

The 3 words can define myself is, determined, hardworking, as well as a good team player. I’m quite determined on what I want to do, and I work towards it really hard. In this industry, you will realize team members are very important. You will be able to learn from them and get a lot of good feedback for myself.

What are some of the skills needed to work in Investment Banking?

The skills required for this job, I think, can be separate in two parts. One is technical skills and second is soft skills. Technical skills would include basic understanding of finance, accountancy, as well as economics. Soft skills are important because we interact with lawyers, bankers, auditors, as well as senior clients often. Even when you start the job as a junior banker, you will interact with external parties, so interpersonal skills are important.

What I enjoy the most about this job is it is challenging and we need to learn different things, every day.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

What I enjoy the most about this job is it is challenging and we need to learn different things, every day. We cover many different industries, so, in the past 3 years I’ve learned a lot of new things as a junior banker, we get to interact that with senior management in big companies. That is very rewarding for me. One of the most exciting parts of my job is seeing your deal being announced publicly. I feel a great sense of achievement after months of hard working.

What’s the training and development like since you started?

I’ve received ongoing training in my last 3 years with in the bank. When I joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch, I went to NY for one month for training, that including technical training as well as soft skills, which was really helpful. Recently we started to have senior banker sessions introducing their career and give us advices, which is helpful as well.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Currently, I’m very happy about my job, and I got promoted to be an associate. And for the next 3 years, I will be working as an associate in this bank. What I would need is team leadership as well as the ability to actually run deals independently. In my 5 years' time I will see myself to be a VP in the bank and be able to lead client things, run dues as well as generate revenue for this firm.

What would you want people to know?

The culture at Bank of America Merrill Lynch is very open. We get to interact with senior people including head of office and all different managers on a daily basis and they are open to any feedback or questions we have.

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Which of these teams most appeals to you?

Banking, markets & finance

Banking, markets and finance roles across the bank work directly with our customers across the U.S. and companies and institutional clients globally.                

Corporate functions

Teams across our corporate functions are essential specialist teams that work to ensure the strategic, efficient and successful running of the bank's day-to-day business.         

Technology & operations

Global technology & operations teams help to provide the infrastructure, technology platforms and information security capabilities crucial to our ability to serve our customers and clients.

Where are you in your education?

Bachelor'sMaster'sMBAPhD Other