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A visit to Kenya + -

A visit to Kenya

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In 2002, 1,500 babies were born every day with HIV. Ten years later, that number was cut in half. The goal? To get that number close to zero. Mother-to-child transmission of HIV is preventable, and treatment costs as little as 30 cents a day.


Meet Mary from Maraigushu, Kenya. HIV positive since 2011, with three beautiful children — each born HIV free. Mary represents progress. Her battle is tough, but she’s proof that the fight to eliminate AIDS is winnable.


Now we need to create more stories like Mary’s. That means more access to medicine. Better education and infrastructure. And more Community Health Workers like Mary’s friend Grace, who’s on the ground in Mary’s village, overseeing treatment, providing emotional support, and making a difference.


Many more still need help. That's why Bank of America has joined forces with (RED) to provide financial support to The Global Fund. We now have a historic opportunity to seize upon new advances in treatment, invest more strategically, and engage the right people effectively in the fight against AIDS. (RED) has raised over $350 million, and impacted over 70 million people. But the work isn’t done yet.


If we’re going to make meaningful progress toward the end of AIDS, it’s going to take all of us. So Bank of America, in partnership with (RED), invites you to join us in helping to deliver an AIDS free generation.


Mary’s personal story is part of a bigger story. The end of AIDS is in sight. The treatment exists. The moment is now. 

Empowering women leaders + -

Empowering women leaders

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Images of women


GRAPHIC: If women participated in their economies the same as men, global GDP could grow by 26 percent equal to U.S. and China’s economies combined.

Images of women working


GRAPHIC: Women in the U.S. own an estimated 11.6 million businesses, employ nearly 9 million people and generate more than $1.7 trillion in annual revenues.

Images of women exchanging business cards


GRAPHIC: If revenues generated by minority women-owned firms matched those by other women-owned businesses, they would add $1.1 trillion in revenues and 3.8 million new jobs to the U.S. economy.

Images of women and girls

VO Cherie Blair: Across the world, women and girls get less education than men. That’s not because women are not as clever as men,

Cherie Blair: it’s because there’s a choice to be made and the choice is to send the men to school and not the women.

SUPER: Cherie Blair

Founder, Cherie Blair Foundation

Alyse Nelson: Investing in women is not just the right thing to do, it’s a smart investment. These young women will have tremendous impact in the future of their communities.

SUPER: Alyse Nelson

President & CEO, Vital Voices Global Partnership



GRAPHIC: Between 1997 and 2017, the number of women-owned businesses increased by 114%, compared to a 44% increase among all businesses.


Images of women

VO Sarika Gupta Bhattacharyya: A woman who has financial independence or economic independence


Sarika Gupta Bhattacharyya:

has a voice, she has options, she has choices, and most women

are very, very passionate about helping others.

SUPER:  Sarika Gupta Bhattacharyya

CEO, BD Foundation

Mentee India

Image of woman presenting to other women.

VO Cherie Blair: Research after research shows that if you invest in one

Cherie Blair: development dollar in a woman, 90 cents of that she will spend on her family, on her community, anything other than herself.

Images of a Mother and Father playing with their child

VO Cherie Blair: 90 cents of that she will spend on her family, on her community, anything other than herself.

GRAPHIC: Through our Supplier Diversity Program, we’ve invested over 20 billion supporting the growth of women and other diverse-owned businesses.

Melanne Verveer: Well every country wants to grow its economy, wants to

SUPER: Melanne Verveer

Co-Founder, Seneca Women

Executive Director

Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security


Images of women working together

VO Melanne Verveer: create jobs, wants to ensure shared prosperity for its people

and women entrepreneurs are extraordinary engines that contribute to economic growth.

Images of women working together

VO Anne Finucane:  You have more women on boards, you have more

Anne Finucane: More women in senior management they are



SUPER: Anne Finucane

Vice Chairman, Bank of America

Images of speaking to each other


VO: Anne Finucane: speaking up, speaking loudly, making decisions and


Anne Finucane: When all that happens, a lot of things change.

Image of a women presenting to other women

VO Tory Burch: Well women are our best

Tory Burch: investment and I think they think differently, they’re also

SUPER: Tory Burch

Founder, Tory Burch Foundation

Images of women working together


VO Tory Burch:  looking at business differently, they’re starting different kinds of business and they’re just incredible entrepreneurs. I see the tenacity, I see their businesses, and I see the potential for growth.

GRAPHIC: Cherie Blair Foundation for women, kiva, Tory Burch Foundation & Vital Voices Logos. Through our partnerships we have helped over 7,000 women from 80+ countries grow their business.

Montage of Images of women engaging one another


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